Frequently Asked Questions – Book Cover Design


Frequently Asked Questions


This is information regarding my premade book covers and my custom book cover design.


Do you sell the same premade book covers over and over?

Nope! When I create a premade book cover and sell it, I take it down from the website.


What if I don’t know my book title yet (regarding the premade book covers)?

No problem. You can purchase the premade book cover now, and I’ll remove it from the website and earmark it for you. All you have to do is email me with the information when you’re ready.


Do you accept bulk pricing?

Sure. Message me with how many book covers you’re wanting and we’ll work something out. I mention some bulk pricing for the premade book covers here.


What forms of payment do you accept?

I send out Paypal generated invoices, which can be paid with any major credit card or with your Paypal account. You don’t need a Paypal account in order to pay the Paypal invoice or to order from this website.


How secure/official are the stock cover images you use?

With some book cover designers, especially on cut-rate websites, it’s healthy to be concerned about where they come from. The last thing an author wants to deal with is a copyright claim on the stock image on your book cover. I only use properly licensed stock images from nationally recognized companies for the book covers I create.


Is there a sales threshold for the stock image license?

Yes. If you sell over 500,000 printed books using a book cover I’ve designed for you, you are obligated to come back and tell me and pay for the extended license, which is typically around $75 (subject to change). That money goes completely to the stock image company, as it’s their requirement. There currently is no threshold for eBook sales. The good news is, if you’ve sold over half a million print books, there’s likely room in the budget!


Can I modify the book cover you sell me?

The book covers I sell are not allowed to be modified in any way. Kept intact, they are allowed to be included in book promotion videos, though (this was also approved by the stock image provider I use). Book cover collages including covers I’ve made can’t be created by other designers unless they also purchase the exact same stock image license(s) themselves (from the same stock image website).


Do you mention the book cover once it’s created and sold?

I retain portfolio rights and rights to display in marketing for the book cover design service. What this means is I’ll occasionally display some completed/sold book covers to feature my portfolio work. I also sometimes market the book cover design service on social media, featuring recently made book covers. This serves both parties, as it’s basically free advertising for the author’s book.


Do you offer any refunds?

Since the premade covers are already made, and the client knows exactly what he/she is buying, I do not offer refunds for premade covers. If an issue arises, let me know and we’ll work out the situation. Regarding the custom book cover design service, you don’t pay until you approve the design, anyway.


Who owns the copyright of the book covers you design?

Technically, as the creator, I retain the copyright to the book cover, and by selling the book cover, I’m licensing out the use of it. It’s similar to the stock images I purchase for the covers. By purchasing them, the photographer still retains the stock image copyright, but I am licensed the use of them for design purposes.


Are the images you use to create your book covers one-of-a-kind?

I use stock images purchased/licensed from stock image provider websites who specialize in this purpose. Therefore, other designers who also make book covers could theoretically use the same images for their covers, but the chances of it being the exact same combination of font type, font color, arrangement, placement, shading, lighting, overall coloring, and pairing with other images is quite rare.


Are there any restrictions on the discounts you offer?

As I have many different types of discounts offered, I will accept only one discount per purchase, whichever is the highest. In order words, the discounts don’t stack.


What do you put on the back page of your print covers?

I either put a faded mirror image of the front cover minus the title and author name or I put a solid color (that matches with the front cover) plus a texture. Either way, it goes under the text of the book summary. If the client provides a bio and bio picture, I can include that too.


How do the barcodes work?

Barcodes are something the client provides. However, certain print book producers, such as CreateSpace, will supply it for you. As the designer, I make sure to leave room in the appropriate spot for it.