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Jeff Brown is a professional freelance artist based out of Saskatoon, SK, Canada. He focuses on environment concept art and illustration. Having worked as a professional in this industry for two years, he has worked on various projects including video games, card games, and board games. His first language is English but he also speaks fluent Spanish.

In the world of games, he has worked for many projects such as Monstrous, Godbound, SettleForge, Belly of the Beast, Hunt the Wicked, Rhune, The Sinister Stone of Sakkara, Cyphercaster Magazine, Shattered, Krendel, and over 50 other undisclosed projects. He has worked for companies such as Fantasy Flight Games, Pelgrane Press, and Logic Artists as a concept artist & illustrator.

In the world of book cover design & illustration, he has worked with over 90 authors on more than 250 covers. He has created the covers on best-selling books and works on a continual basis with best-selling authors.

He is currently available for freelance work and long term projects, working from home.

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