The Value of Joining a Writing Group



by Kyle Massa

Just the other day, I finished a first draft of a piece I was working on and thought to myself, This is pretty darn good. I brought that piece to my writing group a week later, and after fifteen minutes of critiquing, I was reminded of this fact:

The first draft is never, ever good enough.

Little reminders like this are why writing groups are so valuable. Writing alone and never sharing anything with anyone works for some people, but if you want to write professionally, that’s not really an option. Somebody’s going to read your work, whether that be family members, beta readers, or your editor. And, as solitary as writing can be, sometimes it’s nice to get some outside input.

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5 Key Ingredients All Young Adult Novels Must Have



by Katie McCoach

The young adult market is unyielding in popularity, at least for the foreseeable future, but this also means it’s a flooded market with content published daily. So the big question right now is how can an author stand out from the crowd?

The answer is writing a seriously great YA novel. That may seem like the most common advice ever, right? Writing a good book should be the goal of all writers, but to hit the YA readers the hardest an author needs to make sure they are giving readers what they want and telling a good story at the same time. Great content gets noticed, and word of mouth is king in the publishing industry.

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Awaken – Book Review

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Awaken (Abandoned Trilogy #3)

By: Meg Cabot

Overall: 2 out of 5 stars

I really wanted to love this book from the beginning, but I just can’t. I was very disappointed.

It was very slow to start and only started going around the last 100 pages. Those pages were really good though, but it took me forever to get through the first half of the book. It felt like a lengthy recap of the first two books in the trilogy, which was unnecessary since readers had to read through those books to get to this one. They are not stand-alone books.

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The Problem and Solution to Writing Book 2 of a Trilogy



by Teagan Berry

I don’t know why, but for some reason when writing a trilogy I find the second book the hardest.

Book One is simple. Introduce the characters, establish their working relationships with one another, and tease the big, BIG conflict which will happen two books from now.

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How to Set Your Writing Priorities



by Christopher Slater

I would be completely shocked if I am alone in saying this, but I am way too busy! I mean completely, totally, don’t-know-how-I’ll-ever-get-caught-up busy. As a parent, a husband, a teacher, and a writer, I have found myself with far too many projects, requirements, requests, and desires to do all of them, or even most of them. Obviously, the things that I need to do for my family and my career have to come first. That leaves me with a very limited time for writing. So how do I prioritize what I write?

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Bury the Living – Book Review

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Bury The Living by Jodi McIsaac

Published September 6th 2016 by 47North

285 Pages

Summary:Rebellion has always been in the O’Reilly family’s blood. So when faced with the tragic death of her brother during Northern Ireland’s infamous Troubles, a teenage Nora joined the IRA to fight for her country’s freedom. Now, more than a decade later, Nora is haunted by both her past and vivid dreams of a man she has never met.

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How to Write a Query Letter to a Literary Agent




by Kelly D. Smith

Recently I did something I never thought I would do. I queried an agent. See, there are so many options out there for authors that I never really thought it would be worth it for me (personally) to bother. So I just figured I’d always stick to just submitting my work to publishers, then one day sick of rejection after rejection from publishers, I decided it was time to try smething new. And for some reason, an agent seemed like the right thing to try.

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How to Find New Freelance Writing Opportunities



by Meg Dowell

Looking for new writing opportunities to boost your income, exposure and/or establish relationships with organizations you want to support? Here are some tips for finding and taking advantage of writing opportunities online – both volunteer and paid partnerships.

I’ve only been freelancing since January, but I started my writing career five years ago interning for an online magazine. I hope my tips and experience can help you advance your career and expand your online exposure.

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