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The King’s Bastard

Totally enthralling, so easy to get involved with the characters, laughing at their happy banter, feeling heart achingly sick when they seemed to face impossible odds.

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3 Tips For Surviving a Writing Marathon



by Kelsie Engen

Let’s face it, the writer’s life is unusually tough on our bodies. We struggle with our plot and characters so much and so often–usually at odd times of the day–so that we sometimes wake up more exhausted than when we went to bed. Then there’s the carpal tunnel you get from typing, the butt-in-chair syndrome from sitting too long, the weight gained from too many writing snacks, I mean rewards for writing, and the list goes on. Can I get an amen?

So how do we avoid this? How do we enjoy the writer’s life without these pesky health complications?

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Word Count: The Non-Rule Rule



by Samantha Fenton

When people talk about how long the word count of a novel should be, they say, “there really is no rule….” But, then they go off talking about some “guidelines” of the “right length” of a novel.

“There’s really no set rule, but you shouldn’t go below insert word count or above insert word count.”

So here’s my question: How long or short can a novel be?

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Start Again – Book Review

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Start Again


Kate Taylor had the perfect life. That is until an accident took everything she had away. For two years she has been living moment to moment and day to day. She’s lost and can’t seem to find her way back. Finally, in a last ditch effort, she decides to leave town in search of a fresh start. In walks Ryan Grant. The perfect man with dark hair and sexy green eyes. Doesn’t hurt that they have smoldering chemistry either. Too bad Kate’s heart and mind are trapped in the past.

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Does Every Story Need a Happy Ending?



by Allison Maruska

Every story needs certain elements to be a story. We’ve talked about characters, settings, and problems. If we’re following the mnemonic below, that leaves us with solutions to talk about.

Cows = Characters

See = Setting

Pretty = Problem

Sunflowers = Solution

This works great for eight-year-olds learning the parts of the story they should include in a retell. Up to problems, it’s also helpful for writers to ensure they’re making the most of the elements. Are the characters interesting? Do they have issues? Does the setting add to the story in some way? Are the problems really problems, or are they goals?

Right around here is where things start getting fuzzy. Because solution isn’t really the right word.

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4 Ways to Pre-plan Your NaNoWriMo Story



by Jacqui Murray

Few people can sit down and start writing. Most of us hem and haw as we mentally walk through how to get from introduction to conclusion. It’s called ‘prewriting’ and everyone does it. What differs is the method–what best suits our communication style?

Here are four approaches I’ve seen work for writer friends:

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Dying For Strawberries – Book Review

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With seasonal crowds flocking to its sandy beaches, lively downtown shops, and the Berry Basket, a berry emporium with something for everyone, the lakeshore village of Oriole Point is ripe for summer fun—and murder.
Much has changed for Marlee Jacob since she returned to Oriole Point, Michigan, three years ago. Between running the Berry Basket, dodging local gossip, and whipping up strawberry muffins, smoothies, and margaritas to celebrate the town’s first annual Strawberry Moon Bash, the twenty-nine-year-old hardly has time for her fiancé, let alone grim memories of her old life in New York . . .

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How to Handle Book Reviews: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly



by Kate M. Colby

Book reviews are the lifeblood of books. A healthy rating encourages potential readers to buy, makes an author eligible for merchandising from retail sites, and improves a book’s overall ranking on those sites. However, if enough readers read your book, eventually you’re going to get a bad review (probably several). Those dreaded one-star ratings are the cost of exposure.

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