Premade Book Covers


I believe that a quality premade book cover doesn’t have to break the bank. Choose from a variety of eBook covers in an array of genres to best suit your needs, starting at only $40 USD. If you want to add on a matching print book cover (with the spine and back cover), it’ll be an additional $50. 

If you’re looking for my custom book cover design, and not premades, click here.

[Full disclosure: the book covers along the two right sidebars of this website are not my designs. They are authors who advertise on this website.]


What you’ll receive:

  • An exclusive premade book cover: Once a book cover is sold, it’s taken down and not resold. You’ll never find two of the same book covers for sale on this website at any given time.
  • Quality: My book covers are made in Photoshop and offered at a high quality 300 dpi.
  • Worry-free stock images: With my service, you don’t have to worry about where the stock photo images came from. They’re all purchased and licensed properly, so everything is buttoned-up to allow you to focus on what’s most important: your story getting out into the world. There are no additional fees for the stock images—they’re included in the price. Some cut-rate cover design services illegally use copyrighted images to save money, and that’s not a situation any author wants to deal with a few months after publishing.
  • Quick turnaround: Within 4 days of payment via a Paypal invoice (payable by any major credit card or Paypal transfer), I’ll take it down from the website, place your book title and author name on it, and it’s yours!
  • A real person: I don’t outsource any of my book covers, so 100% of what you see, I personally make. This means you won’t have to talk through anyone to speak with the designer. I handle everything from customer service to invoicing to design.
  • Cost savings: Most major premade book cover websites take 30% from the book cover designer as their listing fee. Nothing wrong with that, but it does mean that those book cover designers have to raise their prices listed on the website in order to make the same amount. Because I own and run this website, obviously I don’t charge myself a listing fee; therefore, I’m able to charge less for my covers and pass the savings on to you.

Simply jot down the inventory number from the book cover you want and fill out the form at the bottom of this page. 

The portfolio below is regularly refreshed, so check back later if you don’t find the look you’re seeking. First come first serve! See one you want to reserve? Prepay for it and it’ll be held for you for when you’re ready. Click here for FAQ.


Bulk pricing (must be on the same invoice to qualify):

  • 1 premade cover: the listed price
  • 2 premade covers: 5% off the listed price
  • 3 premade covers: 10% off the listed price
  • 4 premade covers: 15% off the listed price
  • 5 premade covers: 20% off the listed price

You don’t have to be ready to receive all premade covers you buy now. For example, buy 3, receive 1 now and receive 2 later. I’ll have your credit on file, and you can use it whenever you wish. 

Scroll to the bottom for the order form to get started. (For the below covers, click to enlarge)


$50 – #6478
$55 – #3891
$55 – #5578
$50 – #7531
$55 – #1247
$55 – #2749
$40 – #5781
$40 – #0277
$40 – #2491
$40 – #9178
$40 – #0948
$50 – #3649
$40 – #9081
$40 – #3481
$40 – #6728
$55 – #5822
$40 – #1735
$40 – #4792
$40 – #1178
$50 – #9973
$55 – #0157
$40 – #9248
$40 – #5670
$55 – #5274
$55 – #0348
$55 – #1571
$40 – #6489
$40 – #2841
$40 – #3148
$40 – #4570
$50 – #8249
$40 – 8197
$40 – #6810
$55 – #7901
$50 – #4981
$55 – #1827
$40 – #5718
$40 – #0871
$40 – #2881









I retain the right to feature completed/sold book covers as part of my portfolio, as well as displaying it as part of marketing for the book cover creation service. This serves both myself and the client, as it’s basically free advertising for their book.