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Service Provider Form


Welcome! This is for service providers interested in partnering with A Writer’s Path Writer’s Club (AWPWC) by offering their services (or certain services) at a discounted rate.

Okay, so you’re likely a freelancer or business in a writing or author-related field. These days, traditional marketing for freelancers in the writing community is often seen as producing less and less results. Money down the drain, basically. This provides an opportunity for free marketing for your business without having to wonder if you’ll make your marketing money back.

By establishing this partnership, we benefit by being able to provide more benefits to our Writers Club membership, and you benefit from having a new pool of clients to gain exposure to. When AWPWC members have a choice on where to spend their money, they’re more likely to choose services from our provided vendor list. Click this link to see who we have on board so far.

Being associated with the Writers Club has been very rewarding, as it’s provided me with valuable exposure to my market audience. Through the discounted services, I easily reach double my normal audience, and as the club grows, so does my potential client base. I’ve been contacted by a variety of authors who otherwise would never have heard of me, and I know they found me through the Writers Club.” – Andrea Lundgren, Book Coach

There’s also an option to give free samples to our membership. This isn’t required, but it does greatly boost your exposure and is a proven way to encourage more business. If you opt in for this, you’ll be placed on another, more exclusive list. And as an added benefit, I do regular promotional retweets for those on that list.


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