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Style Guide

Below is the article style guide for A Writer’s Path. Following the guidelines puts your post in the best position to be accepted and well-enjoyed by this website’s readership.

Your posts should be:

  • 400-1,000 words, ideally.
  • Broken into short-medium paragraphs. Walls of text can be intimidating.
  • Concerning something to do with creative writing, non-fiction writing, editing, publishing, or blog writing.
  • Informational, filled with meaty how-to advice.

At the top, please give it two lines, then “by _______” in italics. That’s where your first credit goes. At the end, insert 4 spaces down, then your ending credit. Feel free to write that as you wish and include your website/social media links. Please keep that to 2-4 sentences long (a medium-sized paragraph).

If you have section headers in bold, give it an extra space down from the previous paragraph.

You won’t be able to add any pictures/images to the article. That’s okay. I’ll add them after you’re finished.

If you’ve published a book, feel free to link to it, especially in your bio area at the end.


Here are some examples of how your post should look:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4






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