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Welcome to the Under the Microscope submissions page. Below is where you submit your excerpt to be publicly critiqued for free. You stay anonymous throughout the post.

Please submit the first 500 words of your story (that you personally wrote). It’s important that it’s the beginning of the story so that I’m not missing any information that’s important. Please include a space in between each paragraph. It’s important that it begins at the beginning of chapter one and not a prologue.

Regarding a timeline, I don’t have a set schedule yet for UtM, so it could be a few weeks until your post is up.

FYI, I have it as a rule that the author of the piece not leave a comment (or respond to any comments) on the UtM page where their story is being critiqued. This is a common practice in critique groups where the author of the piece being critiqued is not allowed to talk during the session. The purpose of this is to allow the author to listen and absorb the feedback without attempting to defend the piece. If you want to reblog or share on social media (which is always appreciated!), of course feel free to claim it as yours. This is only in regards to the comment section of the UtM page itself.

A final thought: the opinions, suggestions, and critique I offer for this series is my own personal opinion. All I can offer is my own personal point of view. 

The first critique I received, I was personally offended by half, and the other half I thought was dead wrong. After a few weeks of mulling it over, I realized how right 99% of it was. It made me a better writer, and the quality of my writing jumped. Even my beta readers, who didn’t know I had a critique, noticed a difference within days.

If I write something you feel is wrong or something you feel I don’t understand about your story, it’s perfectly okay. I recommend the shopping cart method: put into your cart what you feel you can use. Anything else, disregard and leave on the shelf where it is.

No matter what, I’m confident that you’ll come out of this experience with something useful/helpful for you. And keep in mind that I’m not stingy with compliments when I see what the author is doing right. : )



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