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Writers Club Disclaimer


All service providers who donate to the Writers Club either in discount or with free services have been interviewed and deemed to be viable partners. We here at A Writer’s Path Writers Club (AWPWC) have not used and vetted every aspect or service of every service provider (as that can get quite expensive to purchase services simply for the sake of it).

We have no reason to doubt the validity of any of our partners, as they have all treated the AWPWC team with great respect and courtesy, however any services procured online, regardless of what group or affiliation they are associated with, should be personally researched by the buyer before purchasing.

We recommend asking for referrals, testimonials, examples of work, and samples (the free services list is a good place to start with the samples), to ensure the services are a good fit for the buyer.

AWPWC is not responsible or liable, financially or otherwise, for any interaction or transaction between the buyer and the service provider. We merely make the introduction and work to get the buyer the best value possible through discounts and free services. Any issues or communication concerning the service needs to be handled between the buyer and the service provider.

If we hear of complaints regarding a particular service provider, especially if they say similar things, we will consider removing the service provider.









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