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Writers Club FAQ


FAQ for A Writer’s Path Writers Club


What if I don’t have a book published? Will I still get value out of the Writers Club? Certainly. Even if your book isn’t published, you’re likely in the midst of editing, formatting, polishing, and creating a blurb for it, and all of those are services that are discounted or free through the Writers Club.

Can I cancel after my year is up? Yes. Members pre-pay for the year, and if you don’t wish to continue, simply not pay for the next year.

Is this Writers Club automatic renewal? No. It doesn’t involve an automatic renewal and your credit card isn’t stored. The membership is paid through Paypal, so nobody but them will ever see your credit card number.

How do the free services work? Each of the service providers who give out free services to Writers Club members have a page on their individual websites that detail out how the free services are distributed. Some quantify the free services to ___ amount per member per ___ amount of time, and some quantify it as they do ___ amount a month on a first come, first serve basis.






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