Writers Club Submission Form


This is the submission form to fill out the information to receive your 2 free book promotion posts a year, for as long as you’re a Writers Club member.

To keep my records accurate, please only fill out this form when I invite you to once a year. If you fill it out any other time, it could cause delays in getting out your posts.

Once you’ve submitted the information, I’ll be in touch with you generally within 2 weeks on when the two posts will be published. First, I’ll match your name on the submission form below to the current list of Writers Club members.

The likely length of each quote that I’ll post is 1-2 sentences long. Feel free to include a paragraph of each quote and I’ll prune it down to the needed 1-2 sentences.

Thank you for being a member of A Writer’s Path Writers Club. I value each and every one of your patronage.




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