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Writers Club Testimonials


The Writers Club is great! With so many discounted and free services, I have access to everything I need, all in one place!” -E. Paige Burks, author of Return to Royalty

“I would suggest this service to any writer; it has helped me greatly since becoming a member.”   – Lorena Beaver, author of The Heart of Worlds

“I’ve joined several writing groups in the last few years, and while they’ve all had their merits, I’ve found the most immediate support in AWP Writers Club. Many writing groups start at the beginning, taking writers through the mechanics of writing… and that’s not a bad thing. Even experienced writers need to revisit the basics. But AWP Writers Club’s approach is a little different, encouraging authors to write while providing opportunities in the areas authors need the most: critiques, editing, book covers, promotion and so much more… Membership would benefit any writer, but especially if you’re looking for vetted, quality services for free or at significant discounts. Join today!”  – Felicia Denise, author of In the Best Interest of the Child

“A Writer’s Path Writer’s Club is authentic in its efforts to assist authors and its membership prices are very reasonable. I’ve already received social media support and access to valuable resources, like the one-sheet which I can give out to bookstores with my business cards.” – Yecheilyah Ysrayl, author of Renaissance

“A Writer’s Path Writers Club has opened up a whole new network of people for me that I never even knew existed! From those willing to lend their near fully-booked services at a special club discount price to those willing to offer free advice; the Writer’s Path is already a deep mine full of rare diamonds in the literary world!” – Seán Gearárd McCloskey, author of Citizens Not Slaves

“The Writers Club offers low-cost help, like editing, graphics, and cover design. The free service I have taken advantage of so far is the free one sheet. Paige E. Barrera, the owner of Infinity Flower Publishing, did it beautifully in one week.” – Brenda Colbath, author of Murder on Lake Haverly

“I highly recommend AWP. Well worth the very low cost of membership.” – Jan L. Mayes, author of Doctor Bell Anthology

“If you are looking to become a member, where knowledgeable insight is offered to writers now beginning their journey or those already on the path, ‘The Writer’s Club’ is a club to take notice of and join.  The club offers discounted services and a holistic approach that is supportive and responsive to its membership.  I highly recommend becoming a member of this club.” – Nadine S. Roach







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