Do you like receiving free stuff and winning contests? How about hearing about my upcoming books?

Once every handful of months, I send out a newsletter. I’m a big believer in not sending out newsletter emails just for the sake of it or to “remind” readers that you’re still there. Those type of newsletters annoy me, honestly, so I try very hard to only send out a newsletter when it’s something important.

It’s usually to notify my readers of the following:

  • A book I’ve recently published
  • Contest details and/or a winner announcement
  • A sale I’m running
  • An important update of some sort (rare)


To sign up for my free newsletter, click here. Keep in mind that this is different than following this website. Basically, the newsletter is for people who want the major announcements of this website and my work without receiving all the writing tips articles along the way.

That’s about it! I’m looking forward to the future and giving my readers what they want. Thank you for taking this journey with me.






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