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Book Giveaway! The Navigators


Hello everyone! I’m hosting a book giveaway for Dan Alatorre regarding The Navigators,  a time traveling science fiction novel. It has a high customer review rating, and the cover looks pretty darn cool. I thought, why not?

Here’s how it works:

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Here are 2 Important Things I Learned While Writing This Book



by Stephanie O’Brien

This is an exciting week for me. My latest novel, Catgirl Roommate, is finally complete!

If you enjoy funny stories about cats (or humans with the ears, tail and mind of cats), and you want to laugh, roll your eyes, and say “I know, right? My cat does that too!”, I highly recommend that you get yourself a copy!

Creating this novel was an interesting challenge, with some big bumps along the road. Today, I want to share two success tips I got while writing Catgirl Roommate, as well as how to use those tips in your own life.

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4 Ways to Handle Backstory

Four 4


By Andrea Lundgren

Every story has exposition–details of the character and world that you, as the author, need to pass on to the reader. You’ve spent hours fleshing out the world of your story and learning about your characters, and now you have to find some way of getting this information (or at least the essential part) from your head to the readers’. (This is especially true in science fiction and fantasy, where you need to tell how the world of the story differs from our world.)

So what’s an author to do?

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Tips for Ending a Short Story


Dead end finish short stories


by Sara Kopeczky

It is a well known fact that short stories should go out with a bang. In shorter fiction, where you have a limited set of character and a shorter time span in which the action takes place (unlike novel), every word should bring the readers one step closer to the big finale. Here are some tips and tricks to write a killer ending to your short story.

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4 Creativity Lessons We Can Learn from David Bowie’s Rich Artistic Career

classroom four


by Maja S. Todorovi

In January 8, 2017, we celebrated David Bowie’s 70th birthday and marked a year of his passing. Let us remember how great artist he was:

Ever since I was a little kid, as a great fan of gothic and mythological stories, my first recollection of David Bowie has to do with his role in the movie Hunger. Along with that came an interest in his music and artistic work, which later translated in true admiration.

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5 Fast Rules for B*tching Blurbs

beach chair five


by Steven Capps

Now that you’ve finished your book, it’s time to get ready for publication. Cover art, editing, and copy are just a few critical elements to getting you started. Since writing is something you do, you might want to knock out the back-cover copy (AKA blurb), but I implore you to read this short article in order to avoid making MASSIVE mistakes that will inhibit your book from selling to its full potential.

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