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Why Choose Indie Publishing?



Foreword by Ryan Lanz:

I was asked recently why I put up a post speaking favorably about traditional publishing, then right after a post speaking favorably about self-publishing. This person was unsure which “camp” I’m in.

Regarding what I post on this blog, I intentionally invite guest posts with (seemingly) contrasting views to give you, fair reader, different shades of various topics, and, of course, a hot button right now is traditional vs. indie.

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The Difference Between Stories and Novels



Humans are born storytellers. Shortly after learning to string sentences together, we start sharing them: “Mommy, I did this…” or “Daddy, I did that….” We are eager to hear about others’ experiences, supposedly to learn from them and avoid their mistakes, and we like basking in the glory that our own stories give us (after being mentally edited, of course).

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Minding Your Pinch Points in Fiction Writing



by Sue Coletta


A few people have recently asked me what Pinch Points are, which made me wonder if others are struggling with what they are and how to use them. After a quick Google search, I realized there isn’t really much written on the subject, oddly enough. And they are crucial milestones in fiction writing because they show the face of evil in its purest form.

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The Directory is Growing!



If you were a follower of this blog last month, you may remember how I started a directory for book reviewers. The goal was to create a listing of dependable book reviewer blogs, where an author, self-published or traditional, could submit their book to. With the hassle of research out of the way, it provides a quick list for authors to go down the line on who to contact about reviewing their book.

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How to Develop Realistic Characters



Today, I thought it would be fun to talk about what makes a fictional character believable. It’s easy to describe what a character looks like and give her/him/it a cool name. But how do you make your readers care about what happens to that character? What’s the secret to bringing your characters to life?

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