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20 Tools Every Writer Needs


by ARHuelsenbeck


Are you ready to get serious about your writing? Set yourself up for success by stocking up on the things you’ll need:

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How Writers Can Relax


by S.E. White


We’re almost halfway through the year, so now is the appropriate time to hear about some of the methods authors use to unwind. A little self-care, a little stopping to smell the roses, and your writing productivity will thank you.

These are all tried and tested ways that writers relax. They’re reliable things to try if the breakneck pace of writing is wearing down your physical and mental health. They’re also science based*, so attempt them with confidence.

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The Odds of Advertising Your Book


by Richard Risemberg


This is the way it is: if your book does not enjoy extensive publicity, it will not sell.

This is not a hard and fast rule, as miracles do happen through word of mouth, but the odds favor ads in this word of white noise that we live in. Sure, Moby Dick is a classic now, but it was a flop in Melville’s lifetime, even though he had already published two bestsellers!

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Focusing Your Novel With a Journalist’s Trick


by Andrea Lundgren


Okay, perhaps it’s more of a tool than a trick, but journalists have been using the “Who-What-Where-When-Why-and-How” format on hard news pieces for well over a century (to judge by the sort of articles they write, where each of these items are addressed), and I’ve found the six questions are equally useful when writing a novel.

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5 Main Benefits of Creative Writing Workshops


by Sara Kopeczky


Joining a creative writing workshop can be scary, especially for beginners, because allowing others to read your writing means also allowing them to criticize your work as well (hopefully in a constructive way). However, I think that the pros by far outweigh the cons. Here are some of the major advantages of creative writing workshops I have identified so far from my own experience:

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Why You Should Rewrite and Not Edit


by Teagan Berry


Congratulations. You’ve just finished a novel. You’ve taken some time to decompress and relax, away from the world of writing, but now you need to dive in and start getting your piece ready for publication.

The first edit. That’s a term I’ve mentioned before, even written a whole post about it. Though looking back on the process I went through then, I should have probably titled that blog post The First Rewrite. Because when it comes down to it, that’s what it really was.

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A Good Idea Isn’t Always Good Enough


by Meg Dowell


There’s more to an idea than just a thought process.

Before I rebranded this blog in 2015, I thought long and hard about a name and tagline. Finally realizing I wanted this to be an informational and inspirational hub for writers to Do All The Writing Things — and not just me talking about myself all the time, ugh — helped me create my blog’s simultaneous tagline and purpose statement:

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Book Cover Design Now Available


Hi all!

A Writer’s Path now provides book cover design services (among others). I’ve gathered several quality providers who all do great work.

Click here for the main details page.

Here are some examples (click to enlarge), although more examples exist on the main details page.

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How to Use a “Time Block” to Get More Writing Done


by Lauren Sapala


I’ve worked with a lot of writers over the past eight years and I can honestly say that there really is one thing that separates the writers who are going to make it from the writers who are not. I know, I know—there are many different variables at play. Believing in yourself, joining a supportive community, finding your audience. I’m not disputing that those factors influence a writer’s success. But the thing I’m talking about is way more basic than anything else.

It’s how a writer manages her time.

And yes, it is basic, but it’s also super difficult.

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