Welcome to the AWP Services Page.

Drawing on years of networking in the writing and publishing industry, AWP has assembled a team of highly qualified individuals to offer you a range of affordable writing services for your projects. Put together, it represents decades of professional experience in their field.

Check out the descriptions below and click on any service that interests you for more information.


Book Advertising

Over one million books were published last year. Advertising your book can help it stand out from the crowd. Give your book the views it deserves.


Premade Book Cover Services

Check out our portfolio of cost-effective, quality premade book covers to show readers why they should purchase your book.


Custom Book Cover Design

The old saying says not to judge a book by its cover, but we all still do. Quality book covers catch the reader’s eye and encourages people to take a closer look. Increase your book’s chances of being purchased with a book cover you can be proud of.


Book Coaching

Book coaching analyzes a story’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s designed to improve a short story, novella, or novel, increasing its marketability through discussions about the book’s goals, focus, characterization, description, world-building, and plot. Comments are made on a line-by-line basis, as needed.



Our proofreading service scours your manuscript for pesky errors that might otherwise be missed. It addresses and corrects grammar and spelling errors only, so it’s not a replacement for a full editing service, but it’s the most cost-effective service on the editing spectrum. Corrections are made on a line-by-line basis, as needed.



Copyediting lends a professional eye to your words, correcting grammar errors and spelling errors while improving sentence structure, clarity, organization, style, and consistency by making changes to the wording where needed. Corrections are done on a line-by-line basis, as needed.


Manuscript Evaluation

A manuscript evaluation gives a bird’s eye view on what your book needs more or less of. We’ll read the book cover-to-cover and write up a 2-5 page report on the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript in an overview rather than line-by-line responses.


Character Sketch and Illustration Services

Sometimes the best marketing for a book is to show the reader what a character looks like. We will create a custom character sketch or illustration based on your description, which you can use for marketing for your book, to post on your website, inside your book’s materials, etc.


Scenery Illustration

Have a book that could use a fantasy map? Especially in cases of fantasy and science fiction, a quality map can help your readers become even more immersed in the story and improve their reading experience.


Fantasy Cartography Services

Have a book that could use a fantasy map? Especially in cases of fantasy and science fiction, a quality map can help your readers become even more immersed in the story and improve their reading experience.


Spaceship Illustration Services

Some of the most iconic science fiction novels have great spaceships, either in prose or illustration. We can help with the latter. We will create a custom illustration for your spaceship concept, which can be used for your book cover, your website, marketing materials, etc.



We will format your manuscript for either eBook or print, making it easier on the eye to read. This gives your book the most professional look possible and helps it be read across a variety of e-reader platforms.


Blurb Coaching

Other than the cover, nothing is more important than your book’s blurb. It’s what captures the reader’s attention and is a great way to make your book distinct from your competition. Let us coach your blurb into being its best.


Blurb Writing

Are you a person who hits a brick wall when it comes to writing a blurb for your book? This service can help. Our team will write a blurb from scratch based on information you provide us.


Title Creation

If you’re like many writers, titles are the hardest part of the book. The title is what a potential reader sees immediately, along with the book cover. It’s a big part of what attracts new readers to your book. Let us create your title for you.


Book Sales Page Critique

Are you missing out on book sales? I think every author has asked this question at least once. You may be thinking that you aren’t receiving all the sales your book deserves. You’re not alone. Let us help you answer it.