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A Guide to Writing Better Poetry: 5 Ways to Improve as a Poet


by Sean Martin


I’m frequently asked on Instagram how I write poetry, what’s my technique or creative process and could I offer any tips. I thought it would be easier to therefore compile all the advice I’ve ever given and condense it into a neat little guide for anyone who wants to improve as a poet or is simply interested in getting started with writing poetry.

Poetry is often viewed as a pretentious relic of the past that holds no value in the modern world. As technology advances and we drift further away from the root of our language, we find it more difficult to be creative and many people don’t see poetry as a creative form of expression anymore, not a relevant one anyway.

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Six Sites That Pay For Flash Fiction and Poetry


by Robert Turner

List is current for July 2017.

If like a lot of struggling authors you are desperate to get your work sold, why not downscale a little? Try your hand at writing flash fiction or short stories.

The sites listed below will pay you for your submissions if they are accepted, you’ll get yourself published and you might even be able to afford ribbon for your typewriter.

The sites vary in their submission requirements, so do spend the time looking through these carefully before you submit. Up to 20 percent of submissions don’t comply and get binned immediately. The links will take you to the submission pages.

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15 Tips for Writing Poetry



by Jacqui Murray

Poetry is not something I’m good at writing, so I enjoy it vicariously through online friends like Audrey Dawn of Oldest Daughter and Red-headed Sister. I’ve been following her for several years and always find her poetry startlingly personal, quick peeks into a world ruled by emotion and heart. I’m way too structured for that, so I only enjoy it through someone else’s eyes.

To honor April’s National Poetry Month, here are fifteen tips from those who have no trouble delivering this concise-but-pithy form of writing:

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3 Ways Keeping a Journal Makes You a Better Writer



Everyone writes, often because they have to. If you’ve fallen in love with writing for pleasure, it’s easy to forget you don’t have to stick to one medium to do it. Just because you spend most of your writing time weaving together short stories doesn’t mean you can’t try your hand at a poem or two every now and then.

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January 2015 Author Earnings Report



Here is an interesting post on some crunchy numbers regarding author earnings in a report that came out January 2015. Check out the full report for information beyond this snippet.

What I find interesting is that this report gives some pro-indie and some pro-traditional information. Keep in mind that all the below stats have to do with ebooks and not the entire book market.

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New Addition to the Writer’s Toolbox!

Hello writers,

I found an interesting tidbit that I thought would be a great addition to the Writer’s Toolbox. I put it at the bottom of the “General Writing” category.

I’m always on the lookout for neat links to contribute to the Writer’s Toolbox (and if any of you spot something worthy of the list, certainly let me know) to help us all keep the words flowing.

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