by Robert Turner


List is current for July 2017.

If like a lot of struggling authors you are desperate to get your work sold, why not downscale a little? Try your hand at writing flash fiction or short stories.

The sites listed below will pay you for your submissions if they are accepted, you’ll get yourself published and you might even be able to afford ribbon for your typewriter.

The sites vary in their submission requirements, so do spend the time looking through these carefully before you submit. Up to 20 percent of submissions don’t comply and get binned immediately. The links will take you to the submission pages.

TIP: Spend some time on a site browsing old articles to get a feel for what they publish before submitting.

Submission length varies from under 500 words to 1500 and where longer short stories are accepted, try and keep to about 3000 words. That seems to be the preferred length.

Some sites will accept multiple submissions and others insist that an article or story only be submitted to them, so be careful of submitting these stories elsewhere until you’ve heard back. If you come across any changes please let me know and we can update or expand the list accordingly.


Flash Fiction Online

They pay $60 for flash fiction on a wide range of topics. Word count is between 500 and a 1000 words. Submissions through Submitable. They’re very fussy about guidelines so give them a careful read. I receive a response for submitted work within a few days to three weeks. Reprints accepted but at $0.02c a word.



If you like writing dark stories filled with creepy crawlies and things that go bump in the night, this is your gig. Erotica is also considered and the website is stunning.

Payments vary from $20 upwards and they accept short flash fiction and longer pieces.


Daily Science Fiction

Yup, you guessed it. Science Fiction fans head over to this link. Pay rates are $0.08c we word and they will not accept articles over 1500 words, preferably around a 1000. No reprints.

Join their mailing list to receive your daily fix of sci-fi.


Funny Times 

Earn $60 for your funny stories. Submissions must be between 500 and 700 words.

They also accept cartoons but unfortunately don’t take in any work unless it is posted with a SASE, so old-school. No emails. They are based in Ohio.


Nature Futures

Nature runs a little known fiction section called Futures. Submit your 850 – 950 word flash fiction piece on Science Fiction. They are very selective so read some of the accepted pieces and guidelines before submitting.

They pay a flat rate of $130 per piece.


The Pedestal Magazine

Just for the poets out there, this site also accepts short fiction but is currently inviting poetry submissions only. Submit up to five poems at once and they will pay you $40 per accepted poem.

And that is the end of the list, for now. Please feel free to reblog or share this post. It is really difficult to find up-to-date lists so if you have any other sites you’d like to add, please comment below and I will expand and update the list to include these.

Happy writing and best of luck.




Guest post contributed by Robert Turner. Robert is an author and freelance travel writer who lives and works out of the Philippines. He’s also the co-founder of the Masaya project, empowering grass root charities.