Under the Microscope: The Memory Keeper



Under the Microscope is the type of post where we dive into the first section of a story to dig out the nuts and bolts. The idea is to provide a learning experience based on the critiques and compliments that occur as a result. This is not meant to be taken as a traditional critique, and all comments are based on my personal opinion.

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Writing Prompt Highlight: LotRS

Hello, writers!

I thought I would add something fun.

At first, I wasn’t sure how much good the writing prompts in the series Ten Quote Tuesday was doing until I started seeing people not only trying out some of the prompts but writing short stories and posting it on their blogs! What fun!

So, I’d like to occasionally highlight some of these.

Here is a short story written by Ryns, created for this writing prompt in Ten Quote Tuesday #10:

  • A young immigrant steps off the boat into a new country. Write about the very first set-back he/she experiences.


In some small way, I hope that we all support each other’s writing. The world is full of critics, so I try often to be a writer’s fan.

If you would like your writing prompt short story to be highlighted, publish the post and link back to the Ten Quote Tuesday within it. Doing so will send me a notification on how to find it.