Unknown Sender (My New Ebook) is Out!

Unknown Sender


I woke up this morning and the birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and my new ebook finished the review process on Amazon to be published. I was (and am) excited to share with you all its release. And here it is!

Last week, I shared with you all the cover reveal and a short snippet of how I thought up the story idea. Now let’s complete that circuit by including the description and a summary.



Unknown Sender

Unknown Sender

Jessica’s world revolves around studying at college and affording prepackaged meals, which leaves little time for socializing. In fact, she is quite content without being noticed, which only makes the attention of a mystery texter all the more unwanted.

She isn’t unfamiliar with strange advances, but this is something entirely different. This person knows things about her. Things beyond just an average stalker.

Even after all that, Jessica would be much more content to forget than discover who is chasing her, electronically or otherwise. Eventually, she finds out that she can’t outrun her past.


Length: Novelette (8,000 words)

Genre: Horror

Price: 99¢


You might ask why a novelette size. The real answer is that  it’s the length  of what came to me along with the story idea. Some story ideas that come to me are full-length novel size, and some are short story or novelette size. I do have a full-length novel (Victorian age fantasy) that I finished somewhat recently, and I’m in the midst of deciding which publishing route I want to go with it.

I don’t consider myself necessarily a horror writer either. Or at least, not just a horror writer. I have works in mind that range from romance to fantasy, horror to science fiction–and all those in varying lengths. That’s one of the great things about self-publishing–there is freedom to explore multiple genres in lengths that are different than the conventional. I’ll be adding more over time on this page.

Anyway, I appreciate the opportunity to share this ebook with you all. For those who are interested in reading it, an Amazon review would be wonderful if you have the time to leave one. It seems that reviews are becoming more and more important on Amazon these days.

Thank you all for your support and well wishes. I’ve said it before, but you all are the best group of readers that I have ever encountered. If you have any thoughts or feedback, I’d love to hear it below.




62 thoughts on “Unknown Sender (My New Ebook) is Out!”

  1. Congratulations! It’s such a joyful feeling when something you’ve been working on comes together like this, isn’t it?
    I myself am trying to bring together a poetry collection and am almost ready to self-publish, so I hope to join you soon 🙂


  2. Downloaded on Kindle Unlimted 🙂 I just love KU, I make mine available on it too, as it makes it possible to try something free that you might otherwise miss out on. Congrats on the release, love the cover before I even start reading.


    1. Thanks Kimberley! When you’re done, I’d love to hear what you thought of it if you’d like to drop me a private line (so as not to give away spoilers). Thanks for reading.


  3. All the best with and congratulations on the publication of the book, Ryan. I’ll add it to my TBR queue and review in due course. In the meantime I’ve shared this post on Twitter.


      1. Just finished Unknown Sender. I really enjoyed it. Great ending! It’s very different from what I write and normally read, but I enjoy getting out of my comfort zone sometimes. You have a great talent.


    1. You know, I’ve heard snippets anywhere ranging from novelettes never sell to short stories/novelettes are the next “thing” for ebooks. We will see! Thanks for reading. : )


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