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Who Gives a Tweet? On the Value of Twitter


by Dr. Kent Gustavson

Who gives a tweet about Twitter?

Why cut tiny, 140-character pieces out of your soul (read: intellectual property) and post them, piece by valuable piece, onto Twitter? These ideas become no more significant than gnats in the summer night sky. Or do they? My opinion is that Twitter is THE best marketplace of ideas that will help you down the road to developing a real community of like-minded followers

Twitter can make a big difference in personal and corporate branding. I talk in the brief video above about the “A.R.R.R.” of branding. (Go ahead, say it like a pirate.)

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What Social Media Sites Should an Author Have?

question mark


by Hope Ann

There are so many social media sites, but does an author really need to be on all of them? Is one or more of them indispensable to the serious author or do they just clutter and waste time? And the answer is… *draws deep breath* everyone has different views. What a surprise.

From what I’ve seen, focused work on most platforms can bring in revenue if you know what you’re doing. At least there are courses on how to grow and make money on Twitter, or using Pinterest, or with Facebook ads, from people who have used these sites themselves. That being said, an author only has so much time, so you want to spend it on what works and not just throw out information and hope it draws some people in. This involves trial and error (or buying a course), analytics, figuring out where your target audience congregates…and is beyond the scope of this article today.

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Twitter For Nonvultures



by efrussel

I took a Twitter break recently, and it’s gotten me thinking about Twitter. So, a Twitter post.

I’m not one of those people who thinks Twitter is absolutely integral to your success as an indie writer. I think there are loads of ways to be successful as an indie writer, and I can see how Twitter might be one of them, but, well…

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Writing and Balancing Social Media

Social Media


by Eve Messenger 

As writers, most of us have four jobs: our day job, family life, writing, and social media. For obvious reasons, we have to spend time at our day jobs. We also have to spend time with our families because, well, relationships make life worth living. As for writing, that’s non-negotiable. Except it is. Even when our life’s ambition is to publish novels, we don’t always make enough time to write, and sometimes (often) the culprit is our fourth job, social media.

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Authors – Are You Floundering On Twitter?



Social media can be a joy, expanding an author’s reach to new audiences and introducing us to fellow authors and other sources of support. I can also be something which absorbs our time, taking us away from the important task of writing. At its worst, we invest time and effort for little reward.

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