by Dr. Kent Gustavson


Who gives a tweet about Twitter?

Why cut tiny, 140-character pieces out of your soul (read: intellectual property) and post them, piece by valuable piece, onto Twitter? These ideas become no more significant than gnats in the summer night sky. Or do they? My opinion is that Twitter is THE best marketplace of ideas that will help you down the road to developing a real community of like-minded followers

Twitter can make a big difference in personal and corporate branding. I talk in the brief video above about the “A.R.R.R.” of branding. (Go ahead, say it like a pirate.)


“A” stands for Adoption.

I talk about three phases of Twitter adoption. First, most people try tweeting for a day, then give it up, saying, “Huh?” Second, it becomes a novelty (which eventually wears off, most likely). Third, it becomes a valuable relationship-building tool. Which phase are you in now? Where would you like to be?


The first “R” stands for ROI.

Is it possible to achieve a return on investment (of time and money) from social media? The answer is, it depends … What exactly are you trying to do? Are you selling a product, building up your thought leadership, or spreading an idea? Once you know what you would like, you can answer the question of whether you can invest in building a support team around you, or whether you can invest time and energy in the DIY approach.


The second “R” is for Relationships.

Twitter is one of the best, if not the very best relationship building tool, particularly when it comes to developing a like-minded audience or community. Have you tried tweeting a CEO lately? Dig around in communities that you find resonant with your values, and you will certainly find like-minded individuals who will start conversations with you. That’s the beginning of relationships that create the real ROI of Twitter.


The final “R” is for Reputation.

Twitter is a great brand builder. This is how you look to the world, in one image, one header, one quick tag line. You are a brand, just like a major soft drink corporation. What do you choose to show? Are you clever or witty? Deadly serious? Sophisticated? Over time, Twitter will build your reputation as someone who is able to curate great content, and play in the marketplace of ideas.

Which is more valuable? 
A cat meme or a Monet painting?

When I speak about social media, I often show a slide of one of Claude Monet’s water lily paintings. One recently sold at auction for 32 million pounds. Then I show a photo of cute kittens in a basket. In actuality, this photo of the kittens is available on Pixabay via a creative commons license here (absolutely free), and the Monet painting, or one like it, is nearly priceless. But online, and on Twitter, theimages reverse in value. The photograph of these kittens becomes far more “valuable” than the photograph of Monet’s artwork.

What is your brand? What is your story? How can Twitter help you amplify that message? It’s up to you.




Guest post contributed by Dr. Kent Gustavson at the Blooming Twig. The Blooming Twig is an independent, boutique publishing house that supports the adventurous tastes of its readership.