All right, everyone. It’s finally here.

While I’ve been working on posts here on A Writer’s Path and working on other projects, I’ve been writing my first fantasy novel. Now is the time to see if I’ve been putting to good use all the writing tips articles I’ve been curating over the years with you all.

I have books two and three written, and they are currently being edited.

This cover was made by the fantastic team over at Damonza. I couldn’t have been more pleased working with them. Between their talented designers and their excellent customer service, I’m not surprised that I received the end result that I did. Check out their portfolio here if you’d like to see the other types of designs they do. So far, this cover isn’t in their portfolio, but maybe it’ll make it there one day.

Here’s the cover and a teaser blurb below!



The Silver Crystal


Abalreen is a place stuck in time, where people with abilities too powerful to leave alone are tracked down by bounty hunters. But the city tries to hide its secrets, and even those within its protection are becoming more like their enemies than they think.



Stay tuned for the full blurb and the launch announcement, which is coming soon!