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New Writers Club Perks!


Hi all!

There are several new perks available to the members of our Writers Club.

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New Service! Book Sales Page Critique


Hi all!

This is a quick note to let everyone know that I’ve started a new service: Book Sales Page Critique.

This service is for those who wonder if they’re receiving all the book sales they should be. The last thing every potential reader sees (before that hopeful purchase) is the book sales page, such as on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, Apple, etc.

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Book Cover Design Now Available


Hi all!

A Writer’s Path now provides book cover design services (among others). I’ve gathered several quality providers who all do great work.

Click here for the main details page.

Here are some examples (click to enlarge), although more examples exist on the main details page.

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Two More Days For the Writing Contest!


Hi all!

There’s only two more days (almost one day now) left to participate in the current creative writing contest.

I know there are many of you finishing up your story to submit tomorrow. Even if it’s not perfect, I encourage you to submit. You can’t win if you don’t enter.

Keep in mind that the prizes total $250 in cash and over $3,200 in prizes. Check the link here for more information:

Good luck everyone!





New AWP Services Available!


Hi all!

A Writer’s Path now offers author-related services. As an author, I know how it can be a pain to sort through dozens of service providers just to have your book ready for publication.

Although these services have to do with both indie and traditionally published authors, indie authors have much more to do on their own and rely on service providers heavily.

In an effort to branch out and make AWP a “one-stop-shop,” I’ve gathered together a group of highly skilled service providers from a range of services, all ready to serve this readership.

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Editorial Review – The Sons of Hernan Garcia

The Book Review Directory

Title: The Sons of Hernán García

Author: Charles Ameringer

Genre: Action/Adventure

The Sons of Hernán García, by Charles Ameringer, isclassified as an Action/Adventure. However, it also reads as historical fiction. More specifically, it is a revenge-tale set in early 20th century Venezuela. The history aspect reads well, probably because Ameringer is an actual professor of Latin History, so he knows the facts of that time and place, and is able to translate it well through this story.

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