by Laura Peters


All writers go through periods where the creative juices dry up and then so does the cash flow. It’s not always easy to ensure a regular income as a writer so it’s useful to have a few extra tips up our sleeves, for those moments where we need to make a little extra cash. Here are a few tips, with writers in mind, on how we can make a little extra money in those moments when things dry up a little.


Turn to the Written Words

Writers having a love and a passion for the written word, tend to have impressive collection of books. So sometimes making a little extra cash can be as simple as turning our attention to your existing book collections. Second hand books are a big business these days and is a verified way of making a little extra cash.

Have a look at online second hand buying and selling sites like,, and see if you can’t make some extra money selling some books and clearing up some extra space in your home, to boot.


Revisit Old Clients

It’s always worth revisiting old clients when work becomes a little bit quiet. It’s never a bad idea to just drop a quick email to someone you used to work with just to say hello and ask how everything is going. Obviously you are not to go in with a hard sell. Just dropping a friendly and simple ‘long time no hear, how’s everything going?’ email, is all that is needed to remind clients that you are around and it is a good way to snap up a couple of additional projects here and there, should anyone be looking for a little extra help.


Online Surveys

Where all else fails there are a large amount of marketing companies needing people to do surveys in order to better understand their market and their consumers. Online surveys are completely driven by you, so you can decide how little or how many you want to do, so it may be worth considering if you’ve got a couple of weeks ahead with not much writing work going on. Jump online to a site like, and look for the best online survey companies and see if it’s something that could work for you.


Finally Get That Blog Up and Running

We all know as writers in the 21st Century, that we should all have blogs and that we should all be contributing to them regularly, however it can really be one task that gets constantly pushed down to the bottom of the list of our priorities. However if you are going through a quieter period, work wise, maybe this is the perfect time to finally take the bull by the horns and get on with it.

Not only can blogs bring in extra revenue they can also help guide more traffic to your site and they can build your reputation as a specialist in your area, so it really is an important thing for all serious writers to do. Although you are unlikely to make any real money out of your blog in the beginning, if you work really hard at it there is nothing to say that it can’t begin to offer a steady stream of income in future months, so it’s worth the commitment.




Guest post contributed by Laura Peters.