Hi all!

So, as many of you know, I recently hosted a few polls to gauge feedback on the posting frequency of this blog. The majority of people have said that daily posts are too frequent, and it seems every other day is preferential/better.

Up until now, I’ve been posting daily, roughly half with the more popular posts (writing tips articles) and the other half less popular posts (Book Quote Corner, for example).

The new posting schedule is every other day posts, but focusing virtually 100% on the most popular posts. So, we’re going slightly less quantity, but more quality. The Book Quote Corner posts will make appearances, but only every once in a while. The new posting schedule begins tomorrow with a writing tips article, then a day off after that, and so on.

What I suspect is that many people have turned off the email notifications (for new posts) from this blog because daily notification emails could easily be seen as too many. That’s understandable, and possibly something  I would also do in that person’s shoes.

So, with the new posting schedule, consider turning the email notifications back on, as you’ll see more of the type of posts the majority of you like to read most: thought provoking, meaty, informational writing tips posts that stimulate your many brain cells!

Thanks everyone for your feedback, and I’m excited to give this a try. It’s very possible that even with fewer posts, this blog will maintain the same amount of page views by focusing on the most impactful type of articles.