by Monique Hall


If you’re a writer and you’re anything like me, the title of this post would have served as click-bait. However, I’ll admit straight off the bat, the title is not my own. It’s a title that caught my attention and introduced me to Sarah Werner’s Write Now podcast. If you don’t know it, get on it! It’s a weekly podcast for any writer looking for the courage and inspiration to write every day.

In this episode in particular, Sarah tells of how many writers express to her their desire to quit their day job so they can write every day. I know I’m guilty! She goes on to talk about expectations versus reality and dreams versus fantasy. There’s no need for me to explain her ideas here as I’m sure you’ll have a listen for yourself.

What I will mention is how Sarah encourages her listeners not to overlook the good in their day jobs. It’s so easy to be blinded by the negatives: getting up and out of the house early every morning, being on the clock, having someone tell you how you should be spending your time. I know that as a writer I resent the time I have to spend working for someone else–and that’s despite enjoying my job!

Instead, we should be trying to focus on the positives. After all, we have to put food on the table; there’s really no point to letting all the negativity fester like poison intent on making us bitter and depressed.

So, despite the fact I’m still aiming to one day write full time, right now I’m focusing on the skills I’m developing as a result of working in my day job that might help me when I’m living the dream. For me, it’s the relationships I’m developing with potential readers, dealing with clients, the public speaking (ugh!), running workshops, getting an inside peek into the world of booksellers–and these are just the few things I can consciously identify.

If you’re having trouble listing anything good about your job, you may want to have a listen to Sarah’s episode on how to survive your day job. She has some great advice, including the affirmation that despite your day job and every other aspect of your life …





Guest post contributed by Monique Hall, a small town contemporary romance author. She enjoys feel-good movies and soppy romance novels with “happily-ever-afters.”