by Jean M. Cogdell


Where would you be as a writer without your computer?

Just think about it for a minute. We have come to rely on little electronic robots in every stage of our lives from the grocery store to the gas pumps. So of course, we come to rely on technology to enable us to write faster and better stories.

One of my favorite bloggers Ryan Lanz posted an article about robots taking over the world of writers.

The thought made my imagination whirl like a carnival ride.

Not too long ago, we were told computers would make us a paperless society and save the trees. Uh, no hasn’t happened. In fact, I believe it’s had the reverse effect. Yesterday I was at the vets picking up medicine for the dog. The receptionist took forever, or so it seemed, to look up and enter in the computer my information before printing it out in duplicate. No short cut there.

But back to writing. I love many of the automated writing programs. I’ve become dependant on spell-check and use at least three grammar check programs. Some of the books I’ve read or tried to read lately could benefit from a few of these robot programs too. I think this advancement is a good thing.

I agree with Ms. Sotnikova, technology will need for writers to become more creative. We will need to add more of ourselves to our writing, make our stories unique. Separate the man from machine.

Whether you are analyzing data, running spell-check, or using a program to mimic Hemingway, use the technology to advance your writing skills. To learn, to promote, to help you succeed in every possible way.

I don’t see the robotic age as a negative. No, I see it as a wonderful tool for writers.




Guest post contributed by Jean M. Cogdell. Jean grew up in a small SC town, near the Great Smoky Mountains. Her stories and essays are available in Fiction Southeast, Anthology Once Upon A Time, Flash Fiction World II, Scissors & Spackle, Squawk Back, WTD, YAREAH, and Angie’s Diary Online Magazine.