Do You Think Technology is Good for Writers?


by Jean M. Cogdell


Where would you be as a writer without your computer?

Just think about it for a minute. We have come to rely on little electronic robots in every stage of our lives from the grocery store to the gas pumps. So of course, we come to rely on technology to enable us to write faster and better stories.

One of my favorite bloggers Ryan Lanz posted an article about robots taking over the world of writers.

The thought made my imagination whirl like a carnival ride.

Not too long ago, we were told computers would make us a paperless society and save the trees. Uh, no hasn’t happened. In fact, I believe it’s had the reverse effect. Yesterday I was at the vets picking up medicine for the dog. The receptionist took forever, or so it seemed, to look up and enter in the computer my information before printing it out in duplicate. No short cut there.

But back to writing. I love many of the automated writing programs. I’ve become dependant on spell-check and use at least three grammar check programs. Some of the books I’ve read or tried to read lately could benefit from a few of these robot programs too. I think this advancement is a good thing.

I agree with Ms. Sotnikova, technology will need for writers to become more creative. We will need to add more of ourselves to our writing, make our stories unique. Separate the man from machine.

Whether you are analyzing data, running spell-check, or using a program to mimic Hemingway, use the technology to advance your writing skills. To learn, to promote, to help you succeed in every possible way.

I don’t see the robotic age as a negative. No, I see it as a wonderful tool for writers.




Guest post contributed by Jean M. Cogdell. Jean grew up in a small SC town, near the Great Smoky Mountains. Her stories and essays are available in Fiction Southeast, Anthology Once Upon A Time, Flash Fiction World II, Scissors & Spackle, Squawk Back, WTD, YAREAH, and Angie’s Diary Online Magazine.

28 thoughts on “Do You Think Technology is Good for Writers?

  1. The first thing I always think of when it comes to this question, is that it’s a hell of a lot faster to get my thought on a page for the keyboard on a computer then it is to write it out by hand, or write it out on my phone. I sometimes cheat with tap to talk on my phone, like with this comment right now, but yeah, keyboard is my preference. I’m sure some people prefer using their phones, all in all I think technology is a big plus.


  2. This is so true. Technology has also given writers various platform to write and direct intraction with readers. To reach millions of people in seconds. It is truly amazing. There are so many writers out there I never knew. I know now that I have delved into it. Just like everything else writing has become compitition too. To grab and keep readers attention.

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  3. I use technology, too. I like it but it also lost two term papers and a screenplay during a lightening storm, ice storm and a nearby plan wreck (no one died) in my semi rural community. Cloud saved my work on my latest book when my old laptop died and had to be replaced recently. So, to be on the safe side—I still use the pen and paper before I put it on computer. It’s the original backup that never disappears when the electricity goes out or my laptop dies. I’d recommend a waterproof and fireproof safe/cabinet though. We also forget, paperless doesn’t exist if you have to mail a manuscript to an editor or agent and query letters as well. Until the publishing world accepts PDFs of everything, paperless is still centuries away. 🙂

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    1. It’s true that power outages at bad times can be catastrophic, but I don’t think it’s much different than if there was a strong windstorm and the door was left open or a small fire, which could destroy the original paper copy and then, *poof*! No way to recover it!

      I got around the scare by using an automatic backup program. Every half hour it saves a few files to a backup drive because I’d forget to do it myself. I think it can be an especially helpful tool for writers!

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  4. Honestly, I probably would’ve never been a writer if it weren’t for technology; or at least, a word processor. And my stories wouldn’t be nearly as accurate without the internet, because there’s only so much you can find at a library in small town. Plus I type at least 4 times faster than I can write, and it’s always legible–until I write a story in Wingdings.

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  5. If it wasn’t for the internet distractions, I would have finished my novel a long time ago! But on the other hand, it’s also been an irreplaceable tool for connecting with other writers.

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  6. I wrote my first novel longhand in two notebooks. There were some benefits. The biggest negative was trying to decipher my poor left-handed handwriting. I’m writing completely on computers since that experience.

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  7. I have little notebooks everywhere to scribble ideas and quotes and notes in. I have bigger ones to write thoughts and whatever else I might want to end up on technology. I double space in my notebooks because I write and scribble and draw arrows. I do write on the laptop more often than I used to, probably because I like the sound of the keys. :o)

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  8. I’ve started using Grammarly quite a bit, but I ignore it very regularly when playing around with sentence structure in unconventional ways, or coining words or usages

    So yeah, these things are great tools, but we can’t let become our masters 😀

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  9. I didn’t write with a computer, and I don’t today. The first draft is handwritten. It next goes onto word processing where I also can keep part of it in my memory. It is the writer’s memory that allows the writer to play with the elements of the draft. Having the draft on the computer makes editing much easier. I like editing. Computers have made me aware and and much better editor

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  10. Technology in itself is a greatness, no matter how you put it. In the future, perhaps not soon but someday, writing will, however, be done by computers. I worked at a firm that specialized in machine learning. I was there to write up reports on new technology in that field. A lot of the things I saw were scary, not because the technology was actually good at what it what it set up to do, but because it opened a window to what can be achieved. I saw computers write their own music, mimic Shakespear (even if the content itself was BS) and create art that not even the best artist could recreate. I don’t think this is as dangerous as many put it, but it is no doubt an open to interpretation. That aside, great blog. I love seeing people write about the future in their light. It tells a lot about a person’s values.


  11. Excellent article and I totally agree. Technology is pretty much everywhere we look these days and I would be lost without it. I also use Grammarly not because I am useless writer lol. But it does help when you write fast and at times I know many of use have wrote someone and noticed a spelling mistake to typos.

    Grammarly helps tremendously with this and you can auto correct at ease. So yeah I would be lost with out technology and I feel many people would.


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