by Elethwyn


Salutations, fellow elves and writers! Elethwyn is here today to share her thoughts, ideas, and tips for overcoming writing slumps.

Writing slumps – also known as writer’s block, also known as writing depression, also known as the-reason-future-Newberry-winners-gave-up-writing – is something all writers face. It’s when we lose that spark to write and find ourselves in a deep pit (or slump) of un-inspiration. Writing slumps can be a hard, somewhat depressing time when writers feel absolutely hopeless.

How on earth do we overcome it?


Don’t Stress

A writing slump is normal – you’re not alone! Every writer in the world struggles with this at some point, and it is certainly conquerable. Relax and don’t stress out – it’s only going to make your slump worse. Spend time outside, take photos, make a craft, reorganize your closet, or something else that takes your mind off of writing – for now.


Gather Ideas

Even if you aren’t writing, make sure you’re still gathering ideas. Write down all of your ideas, thoughts, and feelings. The ideas that come to you are important and can be used later, so make sure you record them!

One of the best things that helps me is to write out a list of options for my plot, characters, etc. Test out different writing methods to help reignite that writing spark.


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Keep Reading

Even if you aren’t writing, keep reading! Keep the exposure to words coming! Reading is a thing nearly all writers love to do, and it can greatly help to inspire you.


Look for Inspiration

Be on the lookout for inspiration, even if it’s an autumn leaf slowly descending to the ground or a beautiful sunset. Most of my inspiration comes from things I love – my family, God’s creation, movies, and other books. Find what inspires you most and seek your inspiration from there.


When It Strikes, Utilize It

When inspiration strikes, don’t let it slip away! Write it down and use it to help you escape the slump you’re in. Use your inspiration to help you gain more and more inspiration – until you’re out of your slump. Taking photos or writing something are one of the best ways to utilize your inspiration.


A writing slump is hard and daunting, but we as writers are strong, and we can most definitely overcome it. Writing is truly something we love, and there’s no way that a writing slump is going to overcome us. With confidence, support, and creativity, we can overcome it.

If you’re struggling with a writing slump, I’d love to chat with you in the comments to help you figure out how to get through your writing slump.

Have you ever gone through a writing slump? How did you recover?





Guest post contributed by Elethwyn. Elethwyn enjoys writing, blogging, fangirling, reading, dolls, dancing, photography, and most of all, elven culture.