A long time ago, I started revising and editing my manuscript. And today… I am still revising and editing my manuscript. Rest assured, there have been many emotions involved. Here are some of them.

1. Excitement. Woooooo! I just finished my first draft! I am going to start editing right now! This won’t take too long, right? Man, I am pumped!

2. Pride. Hey, guess what? I just finished my rough draft. See all these pages with my writing on them? Isn’t it amazing?!

3. Show off. Oh, what’s this? My manuscript. I’m editing it. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here editing. You’re reading a book? I like books. I’m also writing a book. So yeah, I like writing books.

4. Slight annoyance. Okay… this is taking a bit longer than I imagined. It’s kinds tedious – but it’s all in a day’s work. Just gotta keep editing.

5. Confusion. Why is this taking so long? How is some of my work this bad? How many drafts am I going to have to do?

6. Hopelessness. I’m only on page thirty?! That’s not even a third of the way! How am I ever going to get this done? I’ve found a major plot hole and I don’t know how to fix it. Ahhhhhhhhh…


8. Determination. Okay. Okay. I will get this book done. I’ve come too far to procrastinate any longer. I’ll work day and night. I will do this. I will make this manuscript the best it can be.

9. Exhaustion. There’s just so many pages. So many words. It’s so tedious.

10. More determination. You know what? I just need to get to work. Just sit down at my desk and work. It’s the only way this book is ever going to get done. Keep going, keep chugging away. Hard work is the only way – there is no easy way out.

With that determination, you’ll get through it. It’s how I’ve been getting through it.



Guest post contributed by Samantha Fenton. Samantha lives in Ridgefield, Washington on a beautiful ten acres filled with many beloved pets. Samantha is currently striving to traditionally publish, as well as enjoying her passion for golf. Alternately titled Emotional Stages of Editing.