It’s here! I’m excited to announce the release of my next fantasy novel, The Way of Stones, which is book two in the Red Kingdom series. The cover was made by the crew over at Damonza, who were a pleasure to work with. They do great work, and if you ever have a need for a book cover made, check them out.


Here’s the blurb for The Way of Stones. There are spoilers if you haven’t yet read book one, FYI.



In a changing world, old loyalties might not survive.

The attack on Abalreen has failed. Phessipi’s band of rebels have regrouped in the forest, but she’s missing some of her key people. She’s finding it hard to move forward and even harder to come up with a new plan, especially now that The Order has its sights set on revenge.

Levas just wants things back the way they were, before the Corrupted attacked Abalreen, damaging his city and The Order’s trust in him at the same time. He used to be Lord Commander of the army, but now, he’s on the run, desperate to get back home.

Rhael is still coming to grips with having an ability, something that could get him arrested or killed. He knows how this works—he used to hunt Corrupted before becoming one of them. So when the most powerful man in Abalreen gives him a mission, he knows he needs to pay attention…even if it means betraying others like him.

The fight for survival always leaves casualties behind.


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Thanks everyone for all your support!